Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Groundhog Day

Today was my first run on the One Hour Runner program... and it felt just like my last one of C25K because it was (tada) 30 minutes! It's like I'm living the same week over again!

Actually, it was a much better run than any of my previous 30 minutes runs. I broke the 3 mile mark, and had a blended time that was about 2 minutes per mile better than my Nike+ "average" pace.

I am reading a book called ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer in hopes of improving my form and also my general running experience. The good news is that I am enjoying the running... or at least the idea of running and the feeling I have once I am done with a run. I find myself reading about it, talking about it, and (obviously) writing about it and that keeps me going. I look forward to feeling what running feels like when I drop this weight because right now I feel like I am towing a bus along for the ride sometimes.

So, my next run is planned for Thursday evening. It was nice to be able to do a run today in the very early afternoon since I had a day off from work, but now I am back to real life where I have to do my weekday runs at night after a full day of work and commuting. Maybe that's why my pace was better today... hmmm.

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Delane said...

YOur gonna kick my arse in the 5K (I think I told you..I'm REALLY SLOW) I hear ya on towing a bus..I fell like I'm towing the clark street bus at rush hour fully loaded.

Great job btw!!!