Monday, September 1, 2008

The DOR Exists for a Reason!

Yesterday I did some speed work on my DOR, and today I paid the price. My knee was SCREAMING as soon as I started today's run, and it is still kind of achy even after a couple of hours.

Lesson learned... Respect the Day of Rest. My next run isn't until Thursday, so I am going to do only low impact things until then as my in-between workouts.

On a sad note, my first 5K (the PR Charity Classic scheduled for 9/27) was canceled this afternoon. It appears that the race route is part of a road construction area, and the city will not commit to having it done in time for the race. Oddly enough, I was really looking forward to it and didn't realize how much until I got the bad news email today.

So, my first race will be the Trick or Treat Trot 5K on 10/26. I should be nearing the end of the One Hour Runner program by that time, so hopefully my performance will be even better than it would be at the end of this month.

As I mentioned, W2D2 of OHR is scheduled for Thursday... but now that I think about it I will not be able to do it that night because of Parents' Night at my daughter's school. Shoot. So I am going to have to run on Wednesday and lose one of those rest days. But I am glad that I realized this now so that I did not totally blow my training for this week!

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Delane said...

I'm sooooooooooooooooo bummbed about the 5K. We are looking for another race that weekend.