Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let's Get It Started

This was the workout that almost wasn't! I really had to twist my own arm to get to the gym for my run after sitting in the car dealership for 2 1/2 hours this morning and developing the beginnings of a migraine. But I went and got it done. Neither my best nor my worst run, but at least I finished it.

Next week is Week 3 of OHR, and the last week of all 30 minute runs. I certainly am seeing aerobic improvements in the early parts of my run, and my overall heart rate is down about 10 BPM from where it was at the end of the C25K program.

Here's to more inspiring runs for a more inspired runner in the future. And now I am going to enjoy my ice cream (okay, I admit it... I bribed myself with food in order to get off my lazy ass and run today... so what?!?). ;-)

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Delane said...

Everyone has bad runs, heck I have bad weeks that go into months (or at least it feels like it) sometimes.

keep doing what your doing, when you look back the bad runs usually are not so terrible. The only run you will regret is the one that you did not do!