Thursday, September 18, 2008

Taking It to the Next Level

I believe that my running will continue to improve as I continue to lose weight. And I am certain that it will be easier on my body to run at a lighter weight. That being said, I have lost about 20 pounds in the last three months which I attribute both to beginning a running program and tracking my calories on The Daily Plate. But I have been tossing around the idea of trying to speed up the loss a bit by trying a slow carb diet like the one discussed here.

Now I do not believe that I will really lose at the rate discussed in the title, but I think that it will speed up my losses because I find that I am eating so very many sweetened foods on a regular basis. Lower calorie, yes, but not necessarily healthy.

When I first started tossing around the idea last month, I told myself that I would begin the program after my first 5K on 9/27 (which has subsequently been canceled). Now I am trying to figure out if I can really do it with my lifestyle and eating patterns (and reliance on convenience foods LOL).

If I decide to give it a shot, I will treat it as an experiment and document my experience and progress here. I'm going to try to make a plan this weekend, and I'll make a decision by Monday. No more sitting on the fence!

As for my run, it was fine. W4D2 of OHR, so my next run takes me to 35 minutes after all of these 30 minute runs. I am looking forward to the progression again. One interesting note is that, sometime during my next three runs, I will surpass 100 miles logged with my Nike+ since I started using it on 7/7. That is pretty amazing to me, going from NOTHING to that milestone. I just love seeing the numbers pile up!

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Delane said...

Awesome on the Mileage!!!!

The diet looks like high fiber, lots of water, poop fest waiting to happen.

Check out Fat Flush. I did it for two week and lost 6 lbs. I can't stay on it longer than that.
Also check out the okinawa diet's food pyrmid. Its the healthies diet in the world.