Friday, September 26, 2008

What Have I Done???

I received an email at work about the formation of our annual company team for the Hustle Up the Hancock event in Chicago. It consists of a 94-floor stair climb in a landmark Chicago building, and is sponsored by the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago.

And I joined the team! OMGoodness! 94 floors of stairs! Craziness!

I now have about 5 months to prepare for the event, and I hope to lose a lot of my weight before that so that I have less to hustle up the stairs. Actually, I think it is a good thing for me to sign up for because I think it will be a different type of physical challenge for me, and I will get to know some of my fellow co-workers a bit better in the process. It will also keep me more focused on my running and weight loss through the holiday season because it will come upon me very shortly after them.

So Hancock, here I come! I am gonna conquer those stairs!!

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Delane said...

Congrats. Charlie and I plan on doing it again this year!!

We did the 1/2 last year. It took me about 15 min.

Keep up at what your doing and you will do great. We did 5 or 6 stair climbs (2xup our building).

If your in good shape you will have no problems.