Friday, September 12, 2008

What is Happening with Me?

Today I completed W3D2 of OHR. I don't feel like I have been running for over 10 weeks anymore. It's almost like I lost my focus and enthusiasm, and I am now finding it difficult to get myself out for a run.

I have been resting two days between my runs lately because my schedule has been crazy with my daughter starting school. Maybe I need to run every other day as much as possible in order to keep it alive in my mind. I just don't know... I am grasping at straws, really.

All I can do is keep myself on plan and hope this funk passes quickly because I really liked being excited about running. It gave me something positive to focus on, and I felt like I was achieving something and improving myself with every run.

The run itself wasn't bad... it was a mellow run and I did enjoy it. But my knees hurt and my muscles ached, and for no real reason.

All I can do is keep running and move past this, just like I move past the aches and pains that I feel at the beginning of my runs. Keep running running, keep running running, keep running running... just like the Black Eyed Peas sing to me about 15 minutes into each of my runs. ;-)

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