Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Damn Nike+... Grrrr....

Did my weekly 30 minute run last night. It was a pretty standard run, nothing crazy. But my Nike+ took a dive midway through the run and totally underreported my mileage and tanked my pace. That's the way it goes sometime, I guess, but it still sucks because I have no other way to track my distance. I am thinking about getting one of those Garmin 405 gadgets (such a gadget girl, I know), but I need to save up for it or see if there really *is* a Santa Claus!

I am doing Week 9 of OHR this week since I took last week off from the program due to my race. The Week 9 runs for me are:

Tuesday: 30 Minutes (DONE!!)
Thursday: 38 Minutes
Sunday: 55 Minutes (YIKES!!!)

Other than that, I finally shook those crazy 7 pounds that attached themselves to me for no good reason, and I am down a bit lower than my most recent low as of this morning. My daily calorie goal on The Daily Plate fell from 1806 to 1799 in the past day with my small loss this morning, which gives me a bit of a psychological boost since I started at over 1900+ calories per day last July when I started tracking them.

I enjoyed watching The Biggest Loser after my run last night. I still do not have a personal favorite, but certainly hope to see Vicky, Brady, and Heba leave before the show is over. I cannot stand the crap that went on between them and Phil last night... zero tolerance for bullshit like that here. I'm sure it is easy for me to judge as a spectator, but hope I would stay out of those situations were I actually in the situation. Probably not, though, since I always seem to find trouble wherever I look!


Delane said...

Sorry your nike+ crapped out on you (*evil grin* since I lost most of October)

I agree with the Biggest loser .Heba just grates on my nervers.

I'm trying daily plate this week (vs. Sparks people). I'll see how it goes. I think I get 1534 calories but always seem to eat around 1700.

Carly said...

You are so close to having the one hour runner program down! You will do great on Sunday.

Al's CL Reviews said...

So close!
Must check out this daily plate!

Terra aka The Dark Lily said...

congrats on losing the 7