Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gearing Up for Sunday's Race

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have taken a week-long break from the One Hour Runner program in order to keep a low mileage week before my Trick or Treat Trot 5K on Sunday. It's pretty amazing to me that a 30 minute run seems like a short run now, LOL!

Tonight I worked hard during my run. I could feel that my pace was better, and I ran at a higher heart rate without too much fatigue again. I also really pushed myself for the last lap, so things are improving on the running front.

I veered a bit on the eating side last weekend, though, starting with a drunken Friday night out with my co-workers. Two 20-ounce mugs of beer, a SoCo Lime shot, and a tequila shot were the sum of my dinner on Friday (ugh). Then Saturday I had a bit of a feast day at a Halloween party followed by cabinet raids upon returning home. Sunday brought breakfast at a local restaurant and then a pizza dinner, but all in all I kept my calories overage moderate and only exceeded them by about 1000 for the entire weekend. But somehow the scale had me up by over SEVEN POUNDS this morning from my weight on Saturday morning, and there is NO WAY that I ate enough to deserve even 1/3 of that gain.

That number freaked me out enough to step on the scale for a second time today after coming home from work, and I was down by 4.3 pounds at that point, so I know that this is not a real gain... but WTF??? It's not TOM, I have not been pouring on the salt, and I have been doing some big (for me) runs that should have offered a bit of a counterbalance to the weekend eating deviation.

Anyway, I have really tightened things up after this morning's scale fiasco because I want to feel my best for Sunday's run, and I want to keep moving downward on the weight front. It's amazing how much a thing like the scale threw my mood for a loop today, even when my head KNEW that I could not have gained that much so quickly with my intake in the same time frame. The only thing that kept me from really flipping out was that I have been on track with my running plan. I guess this is why it is best for me to have two plans going at any given time, one for weight loss and one for something fitness-related, because if I am on track with at least one of them then I do not feel like a total loser and throw in the towel with a setback by diving snout-first into a binge.

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Al's CL Reviews said...

Welcome to my life on the scale. I have taken off 5 of the 9 pounds I gained over the weekend. I think the last 4 might be real weight.

Congrats on thinking 30 minutes is a short run!