Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've Got That "New Sensor Smell"

And it smells fishy!

Well, I ended up going and buying a brand new Nike+ kit because it would have cost me just a couple of dollars less to get a replacement sensor (once shipping was included), and I would have had to wait for it to be shipped to me. Great way to get people to spend more money, Apple and Nike. Quite the racket. Yet, I am the dumb ass who did it.

I did my 50 minute run with the new sensor, and I was amazed at the end of my 56 minute workout when I heard "Miles Complete: 5.1"! Woo-hoo! But wait a minute... or more like 2 minutes because that was about how much faster my pace was with this new sensor than with the old one! Which was right, this one or the failing one? Did I really run that far? I did not count how many laps I did in my almost hour long workout, so I had no clue!

Yes, I did feel like I was running faster and stronger today, but that just seems a bit much. Especially when I came home and uploaded the workout and saw that it was showing some of my pace points at an 8 minutes per mile pace... NOT A CHANCE! So now I have to recalibrate this damn thing again and figure out how fast I am actually running. Although the 5K I am running a week from today should give me that answer, too. :-)

So, I finished Week 8 of the One Hour Runner program with a 50 minute run (yea me!). Next week would be Week 9 for me, but since I am running my first 5K in, oh, ten years, I am just going to back off for a week and do 30 minute runs on Tuesday and Thursday and then the 5K on Sunday. Then I'll hop back into Week 9 of the program the week after that. So that means that in three weeks time, I should have completed my first 60 minute run!


friedmsw said...

You are one serious gal when it comes to this running program! Hope the new sensor will not prove to be too hard to use. Have a great week of running!!

Al's CL Reviews said...

5K sounds fun.

Sorry, I have no clue about the Mike thing. I have trouble enough using


Delane said...

wooo hoo! your going to smoke me next weekend.

I hit the center button each records my splits this way.

Carly said...

Nice job on the run! Even if the gadget is off a bit, your time was rockin'. My walking partner has a Nike + and it clocks us a bit faster than we actually go.

Good luck on your 5k next weekend. I am off to google the one hour runner program....that sounds like something I need.