Thursday, October 2, 2008

Running Sick

I am sick with a cold (please insert an "awww, poor girl" here). My throat hurts, my nose is stuffy, and my voice is temporarily borrowed from some sexy vixen. I am living on Airborne, Emergen-C,and Dayquil (that sounds like some sick twist on Truckin' lyrics!!). Oh, and sugar-free cough drops (which still have 5 calories per drop, by the way).

And I feel sorry for myself. :-(

So I stopped at my favorite tea shop after work for a pot of Mint Lula, and was going to postpone my run until tomorrow or Saturday. But the owners of the shop are some of my biggest IRL running supporters, so after a great conversation about Fred and his son climbing Yosemite and Half Dome, and talk of the Hustle Up the Hancock, they were not so supportive of my idea of workout postponement. Fred said that I should go to the gym to keep my routine and just walk if that was all my body could do... and I knew that he was right.

So I came home, threw on my workout clothes, and headed to the gym. I went to the track and told myself just to do what I could and not get hung up on the W6D2 OHR 33 minute run on schedule for tonight. And off I went!

Of course, being as competitive as I am with myself, I did the run as planned and my time was not half bad! I didn't notice the sore throat as much as I had feared, either.

So now I am relaxing with another dose of Vitamin C, some squirts of Zicam up my nose, and a bunch of water. One last swig and I am going to hit the sack to replenish my energy and make sure that I do not get any worse!

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Delane said...

sometime working out sick makes me feel better..other times it makes me feel like utter shit.

BTW..I DO NOT recommend doing step arerobics with an ear infection and slight vertigo unless you plan on taking out yourself and a few other participants..LOL...good times, good times!

Welcome to cold and flu season.