Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wimp No More!

After skipping my run last night (ahm... I meant postponing my run, of course), the guilt kept getting worse and worse all night. Then I watched The Biggest Loser and felt like even more of an ass for my decision.

So I packed my workout clothes last night so that we wouldn't have to come home to change this evening before hitting the gym, in order to eliminate that decision point of "to go or not to go now that I am comfy in my house after 10+ hours commuting and working". And then I received even more motivation when my child said "Mom, can we make sure we go to the health club tonight?" as we were getting ready for school/work this morning.

Fast forward 11 hours and I hit the track for a 30 minute run. And now W7D1 of One Hour Runner is done! The bad news for me is that I do not get a day of rest between W7D1 and W7D2 (which is scheduled for tomorrow night) because I have plans for Friday night and Saturday, so my only two remaining days to run this week are Thursday and Sunday. Such is life, and it is of my own doing. Time to suck it up!

I am going to close with a shout-out to Delane, who is running a half-marathon this weekend... GOOD LUCK AND YOU CAN DO IT!

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