Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 for 1!!!

I didn't write about my last run on Thursday, so this post is like getting 2 for 1!

Thursday night I was suffering from the a case of the guilties because my cat had just come home from paw surgery on Wednesday and he was very needy. In a pitiful blue cone to keep him from ripping out his stitches and everything. So I was tossing around a complete run miss for the week because there was no way I could do it Friday due to Halloween, and I only had time for one run over the weekend with birthday parties and the like.

I came home and noticed that someone had been here... my mother had stopped by and spent some time with the kitty after work... so I felt like I could scoot to the gym for an hour with less guilt. Good run, hurried home, just another day with nothing out of the ordinary.

Today was W9D3 of One Hour Runner, complete with a 55 minute run. Honestly, I am feeling like crap and had some serious doubts on the way to the gym as to whether 55 minutes was in the cards today or not. But I just pushed the doubts aside and started out, making sure to get in a full 5 minutes of walking before I started the run because I felt stiff all over.

The track was crowded today with people goofing around: some guy teasing a girl by taking pictures of her in her gym shorts while she mindlessly ran across the lanes to avoid the camera, some guys racing each other around the track but weaving across all five lanes as they battled each other, two women who refused to respect the lane designations as they sauntered along batting their eyelashes at the guys down in the weight room. And then there was me, plodding along the track for over an hour like some crazed energizer bunny with the batteries dying. I just kept going and stuck to my lane (yes, very stubbornly) and by the time my workout was over the track was clear and I had outlasted them all!

I did the 55 minutes as planned and then went out for Mexican. :-) Nothing like a big old bean burrito after a long run... yes, AFTER a long run LOL!

Next week is the last week of the One Hour Runner program, so here's the plan:

Tuesday - 30 minute run
Thursday - 40 minute run
Saturday - 60 minute run (OMG!!!!)

I keep telling myself that if I was able to do 55 minutes today, I will be able to do 60 minutes next week. And I'm gonna stick with that!


Al's CL Reviews said...

You go! I'm a stickler for lane designations too, and you pretty much know it when I yell "on your left" to pass you.

Carly said...

Nice job on the run and you certainly earned the burrito. I would have hip checked the lane jumper. ha!

friedmsw said...

I LOVE burritos! Problem is-I don't run like you. LOL You go girl!!