Thursday, November 13, 2008

Running on Empty

NOTE TO SELF: Must have energy to have a good run.

I had a snack at 2:30 p.m. (baked tofu, for those of you who are very curious!). Then the day got away from me... work, commute home, child pick-up and feeding, parent-teacher conference, and then... finally... the gym. I didn't even start my run until 7:45 p.m. And I hadn't had even a bite to eat for over five hours. That did not bode well for a 45 minute run.

I felt okay in the beginning, but then the fizzle started. I was watching the clock like a hawk, and my heart rate was high even though I felt like I was just shuffling around the track. Yet even though the minutes dragged, I kept going and finished the scheduled run.

And then I came home and quickly shoveled in some chow!!! OMG!!!

Now it is time to go upstairs and upload my Nike+ information. I must say that I am interested to see what it shows because, at the end of my run, Paula Radcliffe came on and told me that I set a new personal best for the mile... WTF??? Yet my mileage was a bit lower than I expected overall, so we shall see what it shows and if it tanked somewhere during my run.

After that bit of Nike+ weirdness, I was having visions of wearing both a Nike+ and a Garmin (complete with footpod and HRM) at the same time to have a check and balance. And then I decided that I really *am* a freak... a freak who wants to run with $500+ of gear strapped to my body to make sure I know exactly how long I am running and how far I am running and thus how fast I am running and at what heart rate I am at and of course how many calories I am burning. Add to that the Fitbit (which I have pre-ordered) and hey, throw in a BodyBugg (the thing they wear on The Biggest Loser), and I could probably pump it up to $1000 worth of electronics strapped onto me during my runs! The Bionic Woman!

Yeah... once I hit the Lotto, that is! ;-)


Al's CL Reviews said...

You're a tech junkie, you're a tech junkie!

Delane said...

You lost me at baked tofu

Melissa M. said...

WTG on how fantastically you've been doing with your running. What an inspiration!!!

If it's any consolation, I'm the same way. :) I have the Nike+ (although it doesn't seem to be working with my Nano 3G since the last iPod software update *pout*), a Garmin 305 (with bike mounting kit to use on my bicycle, too), a Nike Triax running watch, and a Polar HR monitor. Yeah, I'm a tech geek. LOL

friedmsw said...

What does baked tofu taste like? You really have kept your motivation-really admire you for that!