Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Week 20

I started C25K 20 weeks ago. Almost 5 months ago. And each week I have run 3 times. So I have had around 60 running-centric workouts since I laced up the shoes last summer. And during those almost 60 runs, I have gone from 1 minute running intervals to 60 minutes of straight running.


Tonight I am taking a few minutes to pat myself on the back. :-) But it is also with the realization that I am entering the rough season, and that I have to keep my motivation and my running "appointments" with myself in order to keep up the running that has resulted from all of that hard work.

As the hours of daylight dwindle and the weather gets colder, I am finding it harder to get myself out the door and to the gym. And that is not going to get any better until Spring is fully sprung sometime next year. But it is important to me to continue running, so I am going to make sure that I eliminate the excuses by keeping my gym bag packed and ready in my car so that I do not get into my warm home and then find it hard to head back out for my workout. I need to pull out all of the Jedi Mind Tricks that I have to make sure that I do not fall off the track, so to speak.

Now it is time for Top Chef, so I am going to relax and enjoy while *they* do all the hard work tonight!


friedmsw said...

A wonderful accomplishment!! I agree with you that it is so much harder when the weather is colder and the time has changed.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I agree it is harder in the colder darker months. Keep it up! YOu are doing great!