Monday, January 19, 2009

Break On Through

Day 3 of the 30 Day Shred brought me a breakthough! I am no longer panting like a very hot canine during the whole workout, and that makes me hopeful for (eventually) reaching Level 2 on the DVD.

I am having a problem, though, and need some serious advice: From all of the jumping jacks and jump roping and butt kicks, I have developed some very very serious chafing on the tops of my shoulders where my bra straps rub. Let me preface it by saying that my 40DD chest is ensconced in a very expensive (for me) Goddess exercise bra in my size, but it is not controlling the bounce.

I never had this problem with running, but since I started this workout on Saturday I am in so much pain that I stuck one of my daughter's beanie babies under each bra strap just to get through the workout... and then even had to hold the straps to prevent the rubbing during the last aerobics interval.

If anyone has any suggestions for a bra that will help this, I would appreciate it because I am just red and raw there right now and am clueless on what to try.

But still... Day 3 is done! My mom is having surgery tomorrow, so I am not sure that Day 4 will be a sequential day as I will be at the hospital with her... but some things ARE more important than Jillian.


Melissa M. said...

I swear by my Enell bra. They're definitely expensive, but it's the only one that I've ever found to control my DD bounce. I affectionately call it my iron-clad sports bar. ;-)

Hope everything goes well with your mom's surgery tomorrow!

A Daunting Tale of the Scale said...

I have been having the exact same problem!

Delane said...

Um yeah..I don't have much in the tata arena..I wear nike sports bras...but I do get chub rub from my job bras when running high mileage.

Get some bodyglide! I use it on all rubbable areas. If you can't get to a running store stat for BG..Monistat makes anti chafing cream that works pretty well.

You also might want to get some large bandaids (the x-large kind_ or blister pads and put them on your shoulders until the chafing heals. It will protect the area.