Saturday, January 24, 2009

Enell Bra... CHECK!

Thanks to Melissa, I received my new Enell bras today. Actually, they were waiting for me when I arrived home this evening after a birthday party (where I ate far too much birthday cake, but that is another issue). Needless to say, I had to try the 30 Day Shred with my new support system.

As squished as the girls may be, the bra is actually pretty comfortable. I had no issue with the high impact part of the workout and had no pain at all. What a relief! I still notice some bouncing when I do the jumping jacks but, seriously, I do not believe that can be avoided with my 40DDs. I think the bras were worth every penny! I am planning to run tomorrow, so we will see how it performs when running. I am expecting good things.

I did Day 2 of stairs yesterday at work, and it was okay. I did 12 floors down (3 minutes) and 12 floors up (3 minutes 22 seconds). Each floor has about 20 steps (they seem to vary from 18 to 22 in my building), so that was a pretty aggressive pace for me seeing as I am just beginning. My heart rate still went up too high and hit 184 at about Floor 10 on the way up, and I was only able to do the one rep. I want to work up to two reps by the end of next week, so that is my first goal. Needless to say, I am nervous as all hell about the climb, which is four weeks from tomorrow. But my exercise motivation is sure high!

I met up with Jillian in my family room for the 6th time since last Saturday, and I think I am going to try Level 2 on Monday. I cannot believe that I gained endurance for the workout that quickly! I am using that as my inspiration that I will be able to survive the Hancock climb.

Once the Hancock climb is done, I have to get back to running and focus on increasing my mileage and pace to do the Shamrock Shuffle 8K that I signed up for in March. For me, signing up for these events puts some pressure on me to train, and I really think that is a good thing.


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A Daunting Tale of the Scale said...

Good for you! You are a workout machine! So inspirational! Stairs still scare the crap out of me...well multiple floors of them at least :)

Melissa M. said...

YAY! I'm glad the Enell bra worked for you. I absolutely swear by them! :-)