Thursday, January 8, 2009

Find Your Way Back

My name is Nicole and I am a slacker. It has been ten days since my last run.

When I missed my first one, it was understandable seeing as it was prime holiday season and all. The second missed run brought on the inner negotiations: I'll run both days this weekend, I'll do a workout DVD at home tomorrow, etc. After I had missed a whole week, the rationalizations were harder to accept. And then the guilt set in.

I felt like I did in college when I would miss a class. One was bad. After two, well, I felt guilty. If I hit three in a row, it usually led to me eventually dropping the class because I felt too guilty going back after missing that many classes. Once I saw this pattern emerging again with my runs this week, I threw my workout gear in the car and accepted no excuses. HIE THEE TO THE TRACK!!!

Nothing crazy, just three miles, but the distance I covered working my way back on plan was like a million miles. And the funny thing is that I really did miss it, and I did enjoy my run, and I was proud when it was over.

I do not want to drop this class because I have come too far to throw away all of my hard work.


Al's CL Reviews said...

Great job!

friedmsw said...

What happened to you can happen to anyone. Please do not beat yourself up. You are getting back on track and that is what counts!