Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am sore and tired. I think I am over-training trying to get ready for the Hustle Up the Hancock. It's not that I am doing crazy amounts of exercise each day, but the intensity is much greater than what I am used to doing. I have gone to bed several EVENINGS with very sore lungs from my LUNCHTIME stair climbing session, and my calves feel like overly tight guitar strings right now.

But here's the thing: I feel like a wimp. The people I am training with at work are in such better shape than I am, and they want to do the stairs every day, and it just does not seem to be affecting them as much as it is affecting me. Call me stupid (and I know I am), but I am just too proud to back off. Especially since I am training with the man of my dreams, and he keeps encouraging me to go farther (yes, he is engaged and totally unavailable, but I am still very under the influence of his charms).

I took today off from stair climbing, but then went to the gym and ran 2 miles. This felt like a break to me! The good news is that my mile pace has certainly improved since I added Jillian and the stair climbing, so that makes me happy. :-)

Okay, enough of the pity party. Tomorrow I am scheduled to do three sets of 12 floors, so wish me luck!


Carly said...

Ohhhh good luck! You are going to do great. stair climbing is sooooo hard!

Everytime I hear anything about the Hancock bldg I remember being stuck in there all day during a windstorm. The building rocked (and not in a good way)

A Daunting Tale of the Scale said...

You are doing awesome! Glad to see another post :) Stairs=scary hard. I think it's awesome that you are pushing yourself so hard, a little eye candy (aka man of your dreams) is great motivation lol.

I'm thinking about doing a modified couch 2 5k (increasing each weeks schedule to 2 weeks), since youre officially a runner, any advice on how you got started would be great!

friedmsw said...

Gosh! You put me to shame! LOL