Sunday, March 8, 2009

Days of 10,000 Steps

I have had it in the back of my mind for years that a person should aim to take 10,000 steps per day. I am sure that I have seen it in several places, so it has always been a goal for me.

Now that I am using the GoWear Fit every day, I am painfully aware that I do not come anywhere close to that goal unless there is a 30 minute run tucked into my routine for the day. I always thought that I put in a pretty decent number of steps each day because I commute on public transportation and then hustle my way over to the company shuttle both going to and coming from work. And, of course, I try to get up and walk periodically during the day.

What I discovered is that I barely reach 6000 steps on an average day, and that number decreases DRAMATICALLY on the weekends to maybe 2500 or 3000. WOW! The only days that I have reached and surpassed 10,000 steps have been the days that I run for 30 minutes after work. Even on weekends that I run, I rarely reach the coveted number.

The best part of the GoWear Fit for me is that I can see a real-time snapshot of the activity I have done so far each day, and I can make conscious decisions to fit in some more. Or not, and then I have to live with a missed goal that day... and some days that is just fine. But I find myself doing the stairs almost every day at work during lunch just to add an extra 700-odd steps to my day (in addition to about 7 minutes of moderate activity). And any gadget that can make that seem like a good deal is a blessing to me!


The Daily Mel said...

Yeah, that was a rude awakening for me as well when I got my BodyBugg. I generally average 5-6k steps on weekdays unless I hit the gym. On weekends, I'm also at around 3k steps unless I get out for a walk or something. I actually hit nearly 14k yesterday thanks to a nice hike in the canyon above Hollywood.

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

So true about the # of steps! I figured with walking my dog a couple of miles each day, and walks around the office (I take the long way every where I walk) that I would be pretty close to the 10K. I was so incredibly wrong. I naturally seem to get about 6K unless I excercise. I've be setting new Targets on the GWF every couple of weeks, adding another 500 steps, so that eventually I'll get to 10,000

It is so motivational to check out how you are doing throughout the day on the GWF display! Well, ok, sometimes it's completely depressing...