Thursday, March 19, 2009

Energy Shot

When I run on weekdays, I am usually wiped out because I run after work but before dinner. I usually do not get in a snack beforehand, so tonight I decided to make sure that I had one an hour before my run. I also decided to try an energy shot called E-Drenaline that one of my co-workers got for free at the train station where they were giving out samples. I drank it on my way to the gym.

Be it the snack, the energy shot, or the placebo effect, I had more energy tonight and averaged a 12.5 minute mile during my run (which for me is a great time)! Woo-hoo! Now I just need to work my mileage up from the 3 or so that I have been doing to 5 for my 8K in less than a week and a half... yikes. Seriously, though, I have not run 5 miles since November, so I may end up walking some of the race but I will finish it. It is what it is, and with only a week to go there is only so much that I can do to prepare.

One nice thing happened today, though. I went to my favorite tea shop for my weekly pot (or in tonight's case, two pots) and I ran into a woman who I had spoken with on one of my visits last month. She greeted me and, as I sat down, told me that my talk about running (and stair climbing... this was before I dropped out of the Hustle Up the Hancock) had inspired her to start back on an exercise program! That was so great to hear! She told me about a run here in town in late April, and we are both going to do it. I guess it goes to show that, even though I do not see my accomplishments as inspirational, they can be to another who is ready to start (or restart) her own journey to health and fitness.

All in all, a good day. And my weigh in this week had me down 0.5 pounds which, although a small loss, is still a baby step in the right direction.


A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Maybe you do need a small snack prior to running. It's probably been several hours since you last ate and youre body is putting on the brakes!

Walk/Run I like your attitude, just get the 8k done :)

Congrats on the loss, as you know, I sometimes struggle from week to week with the evil scale, so I know that no matter how big or small the loss, it's still a loss! Good job :)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Congrats on the loss!

Delane said...

Stick a Medium Banana (around 5-6 oz of nanner less skin) and1 oz of almonds or 1 apple sliced and 2 TBS of almond butter in your bag, eat it on the train home prior to your run. (about 300 calories of food).

I will make a differnce in your enery level.

If you can find Kind Bars (they are kind pricy but gluten, sugar and MSG free) they are around 200 calories. They taste great and will give you energy. Try that nut bar with a cup of soy milk. YOu need carbs and fat. Try to stay away from stuff that will be harsh on the digestive track or give you the burps.

YOu could even try some pudding and almond if you looking for a sweet treat.