Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting Ready for Next Weekend

I set a goal for myself to run 4 miles during my long run today so that I will feel prepared for my 8K next Sunday. I haven't run an 8K distance since last November, so I am feeling pretty nervous about it. I thought if I could run at least 4 miles today then I would feel able to do 5 miles during the event.

I hit the track a little after 11:00am (oh how I would have loved to run outside today, but alas childcare was required so the gym it was). 4 miles is 20 laps on the track on the inside lane, but I run on the middle of the five lanes so I figured that if I did 20 laps I would be running at least 4 miles and a bit more for good measure. After my warm-up walk, I started the countdown: 20, 19... feeling strong... 18, 17, 16... this should be no problem... 15, 14, 13, 12, 11... hmmm, I am pretty damn tired... 10, 9... I am in the single digits, YIPPEE... 8... ugh... 7... slowing down... 6... damn it, I am going to finish this... 5... only one mile left... 4... just listen to your music... 3... feet, keep moving... 2... dear GOD why do I feel like I am shuffling... 1... well, there is NO WAY that I am giving up now... ding ding ding ding time for a cool-down walk! A very slow cool-down walk!

According to my Nike+ I did 5 miles for the whole workout, which seems pretty close. So next weekend's race will be a stretch, but I can do it, albeit VERY slowly at the end as I found out today. Frankly, I might go faster in the last few miles if I power walk! Whatever, I am going to be okay.

Now my ex-husband is on the way over and we are going to go for a "family" bike ride. I am a slow moving vehicle right now, so this should be an adventure!

I plan on running on Tuesday, doing some form of cross-training on Thursday, and then I have the 8K race on Sunday. And that will just about wrap up March, the month in which I ran more miles than I did in both January and February combined, and more than the month of December in total. Things are looking up!


friedmsw said...

5 miles!! Great!!

Al's CL Reviews said...


A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

5 Miles....WOW. Completely inspirational. You must feel awesome for pushing yourself through and making it to the finish of the 20 laps!

Cant wait to hear how the 8K goes!