Saturday, March 7, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting!

I am running in my first race of 2009 in three weeks, and it is an 8K. I have not been running that kind of mileage in my run since sometime in December, so I have some work to do to get back up there and have any kind of decent time. Ever since the flu, my running times have slowed considerably, which is probably also due to the fact that I have not been running much lately. So back to the gym it is for me!

I ran almost three miles on Thursday evening, which made me feel very good. I missed it. And I plan to run again tomorrow, probably after the birthday party that my daughter has to attend. I have still been walking the stairs at work at lunch, but have been sticking to one time down and one time up all 12 floors so that I do not get too sweaty. I plan to keep doing that until it no longer feels difficult, and then I will move on to two times down and up.

I had a bit of a detour last weekend, and it really hit me hard. Friday night I was out drinking with some people from work, and something happened (or actually didn't) and it threw me into a bit of a depression. Which I ran with... straight to the Girl Scout cookies. I decimated a few boxes, and then kept the party going with horribly fattening food from a local pizza joint, tons of my daughter's snacks like brownies and popcorn, Chinese food, candy, and of course more cookies. And all of this eating threw me into gastrointestinal distress and thus I skipped all exercise and just sat around.

By the time I pulled myself up from the depths, I was freaked out by what I had done and by the fact that I had left it go on for the better part of a week. I skipped my weigh-in this week because I only had a day of being back on track under my belt by the time that Thursday came around and I could not handle facing the number that I was sure would be on the scale. Friday I stepped on the scale, and much to my great surprise I was only up 0.2 pounds from where I had been before the fiasco. I stepped on the scale today, and I am down 1.7 from my last formal weigh in, so that is good news!

Now that I am back on plan with my eating, I am also committing to getting back on plan with my running so that the upcoming 8K is a good experience. I am signed up with a bunch of people from work who are very competitive, and although I know that my time is going to be SIGNIFICANTLY slower than theirs, I also know that they will be looking at it and will be judging it so I do not want to be a snail.

I have also discovered another interesting thing over the last two weeks. I purchased a GoWear Fit a couple of weeks ago, and have been using it every day since that time. It appears that I burn fewer calories per day than a "normal" person of my height/age/weight, by about 250 calories per day. This means that the number of calories that I have been eating to lose two pounds a week per The Daily Plate has been too high to actually hit the two pound goal. Frankly, I am not ready to go down in my calorie intake, so this means that I am going to have to add more activity to my day each day in order to meet my goal at the rate I have set. Or at least understand that it will take me more time to get there than I had previously hoped.

I am off to get ready because we have a full day ahead of us. Have a great weekend!


friedmsw said...

It is not hard to devour a few boxes of those Girl Scout cookies....esp. Tagalongs. I have never met a chocolate that I did not like. I know that you will do great in the race. Keep us posted!!

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Yay youre back! I am happy that you are seeing the scale moving again. Just a bump in the road, but it sounds like you are back on track. I think that getting back on track after a bump is one of the harder things to do in life. It is so easy just to say "eff it" it's to hard to work out and count my points, but I am 99% sure the work will be worth it in the end!