Friday, April 3, 2009


Last night I didn't hit the track until after 8:00 p.m., and of course had not had any dinner beforehand. I told myself that I could warm-up, run a solid mile, cool-down and then call it a night due to the late hour and the fact that I needed to use the hot water facilities afterward since I am still without at home. So I did a warm-up lap, ran a mile, did a cool-down lap... and then realized that I had a little more in me!

I ran another lap at a faster than normal pace, figuring that it would be a last hurrah before ending my workout. The pace was about a minute faster than my typical mile pace. Then I walked a cool-down lap... and decided to go for ANOTHER fast lap! Even faster than my previous one! Another cool-down lap came to pass, and then I decided to kick it out for a third and final fast lap for the evening.

My last fast lap was at a pace about a minute and a quarter faster than my typical mile pace, and I was doing some serious heavy breathing at the end of it! But I felt good, and it was really FUN! Imagine that... having FUN during my run. :-)

I decided that I am going to do this speedwork every Thursday when I run. I would really like to shave about two to two and a half minutes off of my mile pace in 2009 because I am still slow as molasses. I also hope to drop another 40 pounds by the end of the year, so hopefully this will help me achieve the speed goal.

Up until now, I have been really focused on increasing my weekly mileage and my ability to do longer runs, but I want to shift that focus to improving my pace until I start training for a half marathon that I would like to run in October. It feels good to change it up a little bit because I was feeling a little stale just going longer and farther at a slower and slower pace with each additional mile.

On the gadget front, I had to send my Polar F11 in for repair because the watch/receiver had lost a line of pixels and I could no longer read the seconds on the display properly. It was fixed under warranty, but it took three weeks from the time that they RECEIVED it until they finally shipped it back out to me, and frankly I found that to be a bit long to be without it. But hopefully it will be as good as new (and hopefully they will have been nice enough to replace my battery, too), so keep your fingers crossed.

Also, I am sending back my GoWear Fit for a new one on Monday because one of the metal pads is corroding. Their service has been great to deal with so far, and they have assured me that, once the prepaid UPS label that they sent to me is scanned, they will ship my replacment right out to me. But this means that I am going to be without it for a few days and, seeing as I am an addict with the thing right now, I am feeling a little sad. :-( I'll make it, though.

The HVAC guy is coming to my house tomorrow morning to run the new gas line, so hopefully I will have my hot water back tomorrow! I hope that fixes the issue because I am so tired of not being able to shower or wash dishes or properly wash clothes! Wish me luck!


Al's CL Reviews said...

Yay on the speedwork.

Goodluck on all your gadgets and your HVAC gas line.

Delane said...

I got the HRM starp for the my Garmin and just use that. I don't get reception at the gym I move my runs to "other" folder for tacking. The strap is about 50 bucks at the Garmin store but worth it.

Good job on the speedwork.

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Dont you just love workout days that you think are going to be a bit blah and then you really get into it? It feels so great :) It sounds like you really enjoyed your run!

Oh no to the GoWear Fit issue, I average about 23 hours a day with mine on, so I know how you feel with not having it there to keep track of you! I at first thought it'd be a phase for me, but over 2 months later, and I still wear it every day.

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I have not tried any other of Jillians workouts, frankly they scare the $hit out of me. They are on the OnDemand here, I just need to get up the nerve to try them ha.