Sunday, May 3, 2009


I knew I was in trouble on Friday after lunch when my Mexican Food craving began. I was daydreaming of burritos for the rest of the afternoon, and had to drive myself directly home after picking DD up from after school care in order to make sure that a Taco Bell run was not in the cards.

Saturday morning came, and the craving remained... except it was more specific in that I wanted a Grande Burro from Ay Carumba, a restaurant here in town. By the time I was at my daughter's swim lesson at noon, I knew where lunch was going to be eaten! So we went there and I had the super duper awesome Grande Burro, suisa-style with sour cream and fresh guacamole. And a few chips and salsa. And some of DD's french fries. And then we went to the bakery next store and said goodbye to calorie counting for the day.

Suffice it to say that I ate my way through the day and night, having everything yummy that I could find in the fridge and freezer and cabinets. I woke up this morning with a serious food hangover and no desire for a repeat performance of yesterday's food frenzy. YUCK.

After breakfast and coffee, we set out for the gym. I did an easy 30 minute run, with a total workout distance with warmup and cooldown walking of 3.12 miles. And I was back on track!

Next we went to Trader Joe's to stock up on some healthy foods for the week, and then we came home to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree and sunny weather by playing badminton on the lawn.

I was still feeling a bit green from the unhealthy food, so I took a short nap before tacking the last load of laundry and the dishes. Now the vacuuming has been completed and I am resting before my mom comes over for a chicken piccata dinner. YUM!

The bad news is that my binge behavior is NOT a thing of the past, but the good news is that I am able to detach from the guilt and turn it around quickly. I want to lose the last 35 pounds more than I want to eat like a ravenous monster on a daily basis. And I want to keep off the weight, so I am finding ways to keep the binges at bay as much as possible and keep the exercise and activity a solid part of my week, which also helps me keep my food intake in line because I just cannot fathom "throwing away" a 3 mile run (calorie-wise) in exchange for a candy bar and a Coke.

Now I am off to enjoy the remains of the day, and keep on keeping on through the work week. Next weekend is going to be a big challenge for me because I am going out drinking with my co-workers on Friday (which always leads to excess), two birthday parties on Saturday, and then Mother's Day on Sunday. But I am up for the challenge!

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A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I think its awesome that you were able to turn the binge around so quickly! It was one day, you enjoyed the food, and now youre back on track. Fantastic :)

I dont think the struggles with being a previously fluffy person ever go away (or at least I dont think they will for me)-unfortunately.