Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holiday Weekend Balance

This has been a fun weekend thus far, with several social activities that include drinking and eating. Weekends like this often mean a loss of control for me, thus driving me to avoid the mirror and the scale for the rest of the week until my Thursday weigh-in as I try to make up for high intake event. Because I had plans on Friday night (drinks after work), Saturday night (drinks in the city), and today (BBQ at a friend's house), I realized that this could be a three day binge weekend if I didn't make some conscious choices.

I planned my meals on Friday so that I would eat my last real meal at lunch, have a snack before hitting the bar with my co-workers, and then use my evening calories for drinks. I also took a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood at lunchtime to get in some activity since I do not think that planting my ass on a bar stool counts. It worked like a charm, and the scale was actually down on Saturday morning.

Yesterday I took the same strategy in terms of my eating, and added a kettlebell workout to my afternoon for some extra calorie burn. I kept the drinks to three, and only had three bites of the dessert that we shared. Another success!

Today I decided to hit the gym for a run this morning, so I am now getting ready for the BBQ but have a 2 mile run and some weight training under my belt, so I have more motivation to watch my intake at the party. I am also bringing some veggie burgers so that I have a good choice for dinner.

The way that I handled this weekend is something I need to remember and use again. I enjoyed the company of everyone that I was with at each event, yet did not drink to excess or eat unhealthy and unplanned food, and I had no lingering guilt from overindulgence. What a feeling!

The plan for the rest of the weekend is to enjoy the BBQ tonight, keeping my long-term goals in mind, and tomorrow I am going to spend working around the house and getting ready for the work and school week. I am going to go to the gym for another run because today's was a light one, and I also plan to try out the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for the Wii program that I bought yesterday (yes, expect my review soon!). I am so happy that I have been maintaining a balance between the fun and the healthy this weekend, and I plan to draw on my experiences this weekend in order to make good choices as the summer progresses.


Carly said...

Great job this weekend. drinks and dessert are my weakness. I am glad you were able to keep it to a minimum.

I can't wait to hear how you like the Wii Trainer.

Jenn said...

Wow, looks like you did a great job planning ahead!! I hope you stuck to it this weekend, and had fun in the process.