Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

I hit the wall while waiting for the shuttle to take me from work to the train station to catch my train home tonight. I was so tired that I paid $3.00 for a South Beach bar at the train station to try to wake myself up enough to go to the gym tonight.

No luck.

When I picked my daughter up from summer camp, I told her that we were going to skip the gym tonight because Mommy was too tired to go... and she started crying. Which made me feel tired AND guilty. And crabby. And guilty.

Now I know that the biggest reason that she looks forward to Tuesday nights at the gym is because she gets to eat McDonald's afterward (how's that for a screwed-up scenario... the child eats junky fast food after the parent finishes a hard workout). But she also likes to play in the childcare room while I am at the gym, and she (like her mother) is a creature of habit who likes her weekly routines. Whatever the reason, I changed my mind and told her that we would go.

After a quick stop at home to change and fuel the child with some popcorn, we headed back out to the gym. I wasn't much into running tonight, so I just did a quick 1.5 miles and then went to the machines. 25 minutes on the elliptical, and then upper arm weight machines. 575 calories burned, and I felt like a million bucks afterward.

I then proceeded to create my own future monster because I told my daughter that her "new" job at home was to make sure that mommy went to the gym every night I was supposed to go, no excuses. I can see this backfiring on me, and I predict tears in the future (probably mine!). But right now she is the little angel sitting on my shoulder and making me do what I should do, and I have to capitalize on that while I can!

As we walked back to the house from the van, she accidentally touched my sweaty (and at that point, cold and clammy) shirt and asked "Mom, is that the same sweat necklace from last time you went to the gym, or is that a new one?" How funny!!! I told her that I made a new "sweat necklace" every time I went to the gym. :-)

I love that new term because that is exactly what I have when I leave the gym... a huge sweat necklace that I wear with pride because I made it myself. From the mouths of babes!


Carly said...

lol!! Can I borrow your daughter?

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

How adorable!!! I need a small child to tell me to go to the gym, Fireman just says "yeah lets not go!"

It's also such a great habit that she gets to see, good job making a healthier future adult :)

Actual Scale said...

Oooooh you know she will hold you accountable!!! lol
Maybe I ought to do something like that with my daughter. She has a memory like a steel trap & nothing gets past her. ;)

I love the sweat necklace, & yes, absolutely wear it proudly!

Have a great week!

Just For U Boot Camp said...

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Jenn said...

Awe, that's great! I love the "sweat necklace"!

erinstartsliving said...

I need to borrow your daughter as well! I tried to make my husband the same "job" but he's not very good at it! I bet she's going to be great at keeping you accountable!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Did you ever think you would go a "quick 1.5 mile run?" When I say that, I catch myself thinking, who is this?

Great DD and sweat necklace.

Delane said...

Can you have L call me every day at say, oh, 5 pm. maybe a little crying will motivate me.

I'll probally be out at my moms on Sunday with Addison cleaning out the garage.