Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthy You Challenge Update

Hello World!!! Once again, the summer has taken hold of me and I have been away for longer than I expected.

My daughter and I had a wonderful trip to Columbus just over a week ago, and we got to enjoy her first plane trip together. We also made a visit to the beautiful Columbus Zoo on the hottest day of the summer, and was I ever happy that I felt good enough to wear a pair of shorts!!! NSV, I say!!!

I have been keeping myself busy on the exercise front. Besides my standard three days a week at the gym with running/elliptical/weight machines, I am now doing Zumba for an hour on Saturday morning and yoga for an hour every other Friday night. Swimming is still on the agenda on off nights when the weather permits. And I do the stairs at work after lunch every day that I can.

I have also added more walking to my life. I park farther away from places, walk to more places than ever before, and find myself running up and down the stairs to get things all the time. Even though tonight is my night off, I am contemplating a visit with Jillian for her 30 Day Shred! Who would have thought?!?

Starting September 9th, I am adding another night of Zumba to the routine because I signed up for a Wednesday night class, too. My plan is to get in as much formal exercise as possible before the holidays descend and I find myself with other obligations (and lots of temptations).

I am now in the 180s with my weight, and I have not seen that number on the scale for 10 years! So this has been a good summer in terms of healthy life choices, and thus a success in the Healthy You Challenge.