Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ups and Downs

September has flown by so quickly that even my seven year old cannot believe it will be October next week. It seems like the years go by so much faster now that she is in school.

It has been a pretty good month. I am 10 pounds from my Weight Watchers goal, and about 19 pounds from my personal goal. This last week has been a bit off because I have been sick, but I will get back on my feet and keep plugging away. I would like to be at my Weight Watchers goal before I hit the big 4-0 in December (and how did THAT happen, because in my mind I am still 28!).

I have been getting a lot more attention lately from the men, which has been both fun and a bit annoying. Last weekend I was asked out on the train as I stood with my nose in my book (annoying), let in without having to pay cover charge at a club by the doorman (fun), and inquired about by someone that I met out with friends (very flattering). But the honest truth is that I am still not feeling like I am ready for a relationship, so I view these things with detachment. Either that or I have not met the right person that will make me want to make the leap (uh... at least I have not met one that is actually available).

I went on a big shopping trip last weekend and am now emptying my closet of old clothes. I am now wearing Medium and Large tops, so I am getting rid of all of the bigger ones. I am also getting rid of any pants larger than a Size 12 because they are just plain too big. But I find that it is a bit tough for me to let go of some of the old clothing because I really like the clothes... and also because they made me feel nice when I was at a higher weight. I have some weird sentimental attachment to the items, but when I put them on I look downright dumpy. I think it is just a matter of letting my mind catch up with the changes in my body, and also gaining some confidence that I am not going to put the weight back on AGAIN.

On the positive side, my company started a wellness initiative which includes 1) trying to get a Weight Watchers at Work group going and 2) creating a Walking Club that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch to walk a brisk mile. I have signed up for both. We are not sure if we will have enough people sign up for WeWa, and will find out at the preliminary meeting on Monday. I am really hoping that there are enough because I would like to start attending meetings again, but I do not have the time to go to the only ones close to my house in the evenings.

Other than that, things have been status quo. I have added a Wednesday night Zumba class to my weekly schedule and, although I usually feel like I am too tired to do it, I always have a great time. And my daughter has enjoyed having a babysitter for the first time that she can remember (the last time she had one she was 2 years old!).

I am getting a bit nervous about the approaching holidays, but plan to take it a meal at a time and to reign in my indulgences. I gained a few over the holidays last year and am prepared for that again, but I want to keep it minimal if not maintain. It's a lofty goal for me with all of the temptations, but it is doable.


A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Seriously? Only 10 lbs away from your WW goal? That is amazing!

Stacey & Clinton from What Not To Wear would be proud of you for cleaning out your closet :) Youre dressing for the body you have NOW, not the one you want or the one you once had!

WOOO HOOO for the men attention, even if youre not ready for it! I suppose just take it as a compliment :D

Years go by faster and faster and faster, they need to slow down so I can enjoy them more!

Youre a hot mama turning the big 4-0!

Al's CL Reviews said...

So great!

[smash] said...

Sounds like you are doing wonderful! I've heard that there are sentimental attachments to clothing, but you'll make new ones with your cute, smaller clothes. Work it! XOXO [SMASH]