Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three Weeks of Illness

I have been sick for almost three weeks in a row with no break. I first got sick on November 30th, had my second wave hit on December 4th, and the third (and hopefully final) wave take me down on December 14th. Since it was in my nose and lungs, and I barely had enough energy to drag myself through each work day when I was not home with a fever, I have not exercised since November 26th.

Three weeks to the day since my last run, my last any type of workout. That's the longest I have gone since July 2008. It really threw me for a loop and shook my roots. I was feeling sorry for myself because I felt so sick, so I was comfort eating. And I was feeling guilty that I was not working out, so I was comfort eating. All of this comfort eating was a waster because 1) it did not make me well and 2) it didn't make up for my lack of physical activity.

After my last birthday celebration on December 13th, I pulled it together and got back on plan. Last Friday I weighed in and was actually down 0.4 from my most recent low weight, and that was very empowering... but still no exercise.

I was actually feeling nervous about going. Would I be able to do much after three weeks of poor lung health, and three weeks off in general? Would I become discouraged in having to start back at a reduced level than I had been at before? Would that throw me mentally off track again?

This morning I went to the gym with a friend. Thank goodness he came to town and wanted to go to the gym because I felt much less nervous about my return to the gym with a friend by my side. My mile time was off about a minute per mile, but I was able to complete 2.3 miles on the track and then 30 minutes on the elliptical. I'm proud of that.

It took a lot out of me, and I am actually about to lay down for a nap now to recoup some energy, but I am glad that I plowed through my overblown fears and got back to it. I plan to hit the gym again tomorrow, although maybe not quite as hard since I am still not at 100% health yet, but it is good to be back!

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scalewarfare said...

Glad that youre feeling better :) I'd imagine that taking your time getting back to working out is probably the way to go, you wouldnt want to relapse!