Friday, January 8, 2010

I Got My Boots On

As I enter my third year taking public transportation to and from my job, I finally decided that I refuse to freeze anymore as I wait on the train platform in the wintertime. Seriously, it took me THAT long to figure this out?!?

After getting an unexpected end of year bonus from work, I decided to treat myself to the coat and boots that I *really* wanted but have been too strapped to buy:

The North Face Metropolis Parka

Ugg Ultra Tall Boots

The coat arrived on Wednesday night, so I got to try it out yesterday. At first I thought "Hmm, it is better than my old coat, but is it really all that warm?", and then when I took it off at work I realized that I was FREEZING without it and that, yes, it really WAS that warm!

The boots arrived today, so I will try them out later when I go to pick up the child. I need to waterproof them, so I will be doing that this weekend and need to be a bit careful running through the snow until then.

One interesting thing is that they recommend wearing the boots WITHOUT socks. I do not know if I am quite there yet because it just seems like they would get stinky, but I will wear them with my new Smart Wool socks. I also have a very warm hat and good mittens, so I feel like I am finally prepared to face this fierce Chicago winter! Especially since it is supposed to be in the single digits all weekend....


Delane said...

I have had my North Face Parka for 4 years and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Charlie got it for me as a Christmas gift a few years back and it was the best give EVER!!!

As for the Uggs (beyond the fact that I hate them b/c they are over promoted :-)
you wear them w/o socks b/c they are sheerling inside ie: they come with a prelined wool sock so to speak. Inasmuch as I now dislike them b/c Britney Spears made them popular and they are now made in China not Australia (though they do still make a few styles down under..check yours) they are very comfy and do keep you warm.

Yes I did own a pair and wore them out :-/

Al's CL Reviews said...

I watched some woman last week with a NF parka in Atlanta thinking why would you need this? This morning, I pondered getting one!

Congrats on your bonus and your purchases.