Monday, January 11, 2010

Weight Off Weigh-In

... or How Nicole Got Her Mojo Back!

I had my first weigh in today for the Weight Off challenge at work. I had to do it alone since the rest of my team (the three men) weighed in last Friday while I was out of the office. Once I was done, our weight totals were added together and our team has the highest starting weight in the whole challenge!!! 1088 pounds between the four of us!!! YIKES! Which means that each of the men on my team average about 300 pounds a piece. That gives us a lot to lose in order to get the highest percentage of weight lost and take this thing. We were the only team above 1000 pounds, and now I am feeling extra motivated to show the other teams what we can do. The pool went up, too, because there are now 12 teams. Winning team takes $1200... I want my $300!

But beyond that, I really want to get to goal. And I really want to kick my running back into gear because I have committed to a May half-marathon with a friend, and I need to get to training! I slacked on my running this past month and it is time for me to get back into a regular routine. I miss it. I miss feeling the strength in my legs, the spent lungs after a good workout, the sense of accomplishment that I get when I meet my running goals. So back to the gym I go tomorrow for a run, and then again on Thursday, and then again this weekend (and maybe twice on the weekend if time allows).

I feel like I have my motivation back. I do not want to let my team down, but even more than that I do not want to let myself down. I have worked hard to get where I am, and I do not want to watch that fade away. I want to keep going!!!

I have started doing the stairs at work again. I did 2 sets of 12 floors today, and plan to do that at least 3 days a week to supplement my formal exercise. And I have started to turn down the treats again. That's a big one because I was very open to them during the holidays. We even had a vendor in today and we all went out for Dim Sum in Chinatown, and I made excellent choices like baby bok choy (oh yum) and sauteed pea pod greens and shrimp and scallops. I passed on the fried and fatty foods, and frankly I did not even miss them. Who knew?

So, hats off to the next chapter in my weight loss journey: The March To Goal. Or should I say The Jog To Goal! Click.


Ami said...

Having a structured "contest" must be a really good motivator! I would have been pissed I got weighed last ! haha :)

I'm running my second half marathon in April. Last April I entered as a completely out of shape non-runner and I lost 20lbs from literally last new years to the race in April.

I maintained that 20lbs the rest of the year ( which wasn't that easy as a senior in college!) and this year I'm training again for April.

I'm looking forward to reading your blog--it seems like we are in the same mind set!

Thanks for following me!


Delane said...

Are you doing the Rockford 1/2? Its fast and flat and a smaller race. I have a bunch of friends who do it every year.

I'm going to try to do the RR 1/2 and Whistlestop this year.

WTG on getting back on track.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Yay on getting back on track! I'm doing the Kentucky Derby HM in April!

scalewarfare said...

I cant totally feel the positive vibes flowing out of this post! Yay to you :) Whip those boys on your team into shape!

Jolene said...

Yippee! So happy for you my friend! I know that you will succeed at ANYTHING you put your mind to.

Donna said...

You are doing so great! I love the stairs idea; I can do that even in the cold weather.