Sunday, February 21, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Weeks 5 & 6

I am over a third of the way through my training program... WOW!!! Time flies.

The completion of Weeks 5 and 6 converged, and thus my recap is in just one post. I finished Week 5 on Wednesday with a total mileage of 13.4, and then finished Week 6 today with a total mileage of 14.4 I ran 4 of the last 5 days in order to catch up on my training plan, and am I ever feeling it!

Today I had a 6 mile run, and that is the longest run that I have ever done in my life. Go me! :-) I really struggled with my mind today, and had to just shut down negative quitter thoughts in order to get in the full training run. Yes, my body was just plain tired after running 3 of the previous 4 days, and my hip was doing a bit of complaining, but really my own mind was my biggest adversary. So I just let my feet keep going, and finally made it to the 6 mile mark. I wanted to be all "Rocky" and have some kind of celebration for hitting a new personal mileage record... but I was too tired! On my cool-down lap, I felt like the creaky tin man looking for an oil can!

So, I start Week 7 on Tuesday after a day of rest tomorrow (much needed and well deserved, IMHO). Planned mileage is 15.2. I am feeling confident. :-)

On the weight loss front, my Weight Off team at work had our 6 week midpoint weigh-in, and we were down 44 pounds between the four of us. I know that 6 of that was mine, so I am happy with my performance thus far. We are certainly not in the lead right now, but it is a good place to be at the halfway point and we still have a shot at the prize if we can all kick it into high gear!

I think that the Vitamin D is having a positive effect on my mood, so it is good that my doctor discovered the deficiency. I have not noticed much from the B12 shots in terms of increased energy, but then again I have only had two of them so far. My next one on Tuesday, and I still have hope!

Onward to another great week!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 4

Week 4 is done! I finished "late" again, on Thursday night, but I am working to get in all of my planned workouts before my half. Good thing I left myself some extra time because the best laid plans of mice and men, well, you know the rest. ;-)

Thank you for all of the comments. I take them all to heart, like Corletta guiding my focus back to the training and away from the weight loss, and the suggestion from Jen to look into a foam roller for my aching muscles (it just arrived from, and I was unaware that such a thing existed until you mentioned it! Thanks!). Every "great job" (Al and Tricia) adds to my motivation, so that you for caring!

My weekly mileage was 13.4 miles including my warm-ups and cool downs, and it was a record week for me in terms of weekly mileage! My shoes seems properly broken in and now I am feeling fewer aches and pains both during and after runs. Good news!

On another health-related front, I found out that both my Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels were quite low after blood tests from my new doctor were done. Thus, I am now receiving weekly B12 shots for four weeks, and I had my first one last Wednesday. I am also taking a prescription dose of Vitamin D, 50,000 iu in one weekly pill for twelve weeks, which also started last Wednesday. I have not noticed a different yet, but I remain hopeful that I'll start to feel more energetic soon. Hopefully Spring will make an appearance soon, and the sun will return to this cold and dark place, and my mood will lift, too, as I have been in a blue period these past couple of weeks.

I am off to go grocery shopping now, and plan to make myself some beautiful veggies for Valentine's Day! I hope that you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and are treated to something special, whether by yourself (like me) or by a special someone in your life!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 3

And here's to the week that took a week and a half! It was bound to happen, but it is okay because I have a few extra weeks built into the (usually) 12 week plan that I am following.

I did my third run for the week tonight, when it was scheduled for last Sunday. I was not feeling well last weekend, and spent most of it in bed or napping in my chair, and never felt well enough for a run. Then my daughter came down with scarlet fever on Monday night, and there went my Tuesday run, too.

So I finished my last run of Week 3 tonight, and will be doing my 3 runs of Week 4 in very short order on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week. Whew!

My total mileage for Week 3, including warm-up and cool down walking was 12.4 miles. I am noticing some tightness in my hamstrings and really need to increase my stretching. I also need to do some weight-work to strengthen my quads to balance it out, so I will be working in more of that in the weeks to come.

The new shoes seem to be working well, but I am still adjusting to them. I am glad that I started breaking them in now instead of waiting until a few weeks before the race. I want to make sure that these are the shoes that will take me 13.1 miles without too much pain!

I had some issues with my eating this week. I think that the illness, coupled with the missed runs and the basically throw-away weekend, really threw me into a depression. I tried to solve it with food, but of course that just made it worse. But I am back on track and focusing on my goals once again, and the only think that I can control is what happens from now on because the past is done. Live and learn, again and again and again!