Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scared Straight

The whole "get a good week under my belt before weighing" thing did not go as planned. It actually took a visit to the scale to scare me back on track.

I took the plunge on Friday morning. It was ugly. I was scared back on plan. I have worked too hard to lose the weight to see it come back on without a fight.

Friday I was firmly on plan with resolve. I even managed to fit in a 3 1/2 mile run work. I weighed in this morning and am down 3.5 pounds already, so hopefully a good chunk of my gain was water weight.

I have been on plan all day today, too, and am looking forward to another on plan day tomorrow, with a run squeezed in between two play dates. It actually feels good to have my resolve back and to be eating healthfully again. It allows me to walk through my days with so much less guilt, feeling lighter and more positive in general.

Another area that needs some work is my running. Since the half marathon 2 weeks ago, I have only done 2 runs. I know that I was pretty burnt out from 15 weeks of training pre-race, but I still need to get out there and move my body to shake this recent gain and then lose the last 20-25 pounds to get to my goal weight. Once The Biggest Loser is over on Tuesday nights, I am going to attend the kickboxing class at my gym on those evenings. Then I will run on Thursdays and one day each weekend. I also plan to incorporate some strength training into my weeks, at home with my own weights.

So I am feeling back in business because I have my screwed back on straight. And that makes me happy. :-)


Donna said...

I have all the confidence in the world in you! You have inspired me to start running and it makes me so happy. I am so grateful for you and how you inspire me. Hugs!

Corletta said...

I like and totally appreciate how you are taking one day at a time. That's exactly where I am!!! Thanks for the reminder!!

Delane said...

my theory is stop the bleeding then preform surgery