Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Personal Training Session - TAKE 2

I had my second session with Alex tonight, and much to my great relief we did not have it outside again. I just cannot fathom a workout in this 90 degree and insanely high humidity weather. I am a fair weather exerciser, and once it tops 79 I am all about the inside!

We did a lot of jumping and springing work, a bit of yoga, work on my hips and glutes, VERY modified push-ups, work on my wrists and hands and forearms... basically, we did very different things than the last session. I really enjoy how he mixes it up for me because I would get bored with the same old same old pretty quickly.

I don't think that I will be as sore as I was from the first session, but I can already feel the workout in many areas. Now that I have two sessions under my belt, I am looking forward to them more and feeling less fear! But I do want to get some more time with the TRX soon. That was something!

I am still doing well with the food plan, and have basically reverted to my vegetarian ways. I had chicken once last week, and that was my only meat. Besides milk or half and half in my coffee and the occasional yogurt, I have also been vegan. I feel like I am back in college when I was totally vegan for 2 1/2 years! Once the frozen chicken is gone, I am going back to a vegetarian life here at home. As a guest in other homes I will make concessions if need be, but I have been wanting to go back to my vegetarian ways for a long time now. Just don't tell my surgeon because he thinks my protein levels are too low with that kind of diet now that I am "large intestine"-less. We will see what my next blood test shows, and then I will go from there.

So all in all a good week. My running seriously lacked, mostly because I have traded two of my standard running nights for the personal training, and also because I was seriously too sore to run all weekend after my oh-so-short run on Friday morning. But my goal is to get in at least two decent runs a week in addition to the training.

Onward to Session 3 on Thursday, and hopefully even more new moves!

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