Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Checking In

Thank you to a dear fellow blogger for checking in on me to see how the LiveFit Revolution plan was treating me!

I am currently completing Week 3 Day 2 of the plan. The first two weeks were wildly successful, almost so much that I hesitated to post!

Let me preface this by saying that this summer was NOT my best time for weight loss. In fact, it was the summer of self-abuse with food and alcohol. I was feeling more comfortable in my own skin than I had felt in so many years, and I let myself go hog wild for the latter part of the summer. I found myself up twenty pounds (collective GASP!) on the day that I officially weighed in to start the LiveFit Revolution plan. I know that some of it was bloat from an incredibly crazy weekend of eating and drinking, and also water weight because my TOM started the next day, but still. :-(

At the end of Week 1, I was down 13.8 pounds. Yes, thirteen point eight pounds. I followed the plan to a tee with my calories right at 1200 per day and all of the kettlebell workouts as presented. By Sunday of that week, the pants that I was wearing the previous Monday looked seriously baggy and dumpy.

At the end of Week 2, I was down another 6.1 pounds, for a total of 19.9 pounds gone in the first two weeks. Talk about fluff release! My clothes fit me so much better, and I just feel lighter and happier.

But far more tired. I am waking up at 5:00 am on the weekdays to get in my kettlebell workouts, and I seem to need much more sleep than usual. I know that 1200 is pretty low for a woman who is almost 6 feet tall, but this is just for the first 6 weeks in the "detox" Phase 1 portion of the plan.

I am also noticing changes in my body. My arms are getting tighter, and I have some nice biceps to squeeze now. :-) My thighs have shrunk, and my belly flaps are shrinking. These are all very good things!

I am not battling hunger too much, but unlike the others on the program am battling constipation (which, frankly is NEVER an issue for me since I do not have a large intestine). Hmmm. I am drinking upwards of 12 cups of water a day and also eating plenty of fiber, so what gives?!? I am going to start playing around with things a bit because this is an uncomfortable situation for me! All of the others on the plan are pooping all of the time because of the apple cider vinegar drinks, but not me!

So, tomorrow is my day of rest during the week for the kettlebell workout since I have training tomorrow night. Thursday I am back to the workouts, and they are getting progressively harder but I really like them. I will weigh in again on Monday morning, and will let you know how it goes!


Donna said...

Sounds wonderful except for the constipation :) You are doing great! I might need to check that out.

jayme said...


Just wanted to say thanks for your blog!

I’m on my own journey and have started blogging about it as well: http://losinghalfmyweight.blogspot.com/

I wish you well and know that you’ve got company far and wide!


Delane said...

Nicole I have pretty strong opinions about programs like these. I'm not trying to be a bitch but perhaps your constipated becuase the diet your on is a fad diet. I'm sorry but any plan that has people drinking apple cider vinegar drinks and eliminates dairy (especially as a woman) is not a good plan.

The workouts might be killer but but the diet looks like crap. Oprah drank her way to a size 6 on optifast but she didn't keep it off.

I'm a pretty big proponent of eating healthy and exercising. If portion control is an issue than measuring food and following a calorie/points program is probally the way to go to keep the amounts in check.

If you gained 20 lbs I'm going to assume that you did not have a plan in place for maintenace which in my opinion is one of the hardest parts.

Good Luck with the program. I hope it works out for you.

mommie2lea said...

Donna, and Jayme, thanks for your comments! Jamye, I have been following you and even posted a few comments... you go!

Delane, I do not think that you are being a bitch about it. I respect you and your approach to your health, which takes serious commitment and hard work, and I think that what you said comes out of conern, too. You obviously have strong opinions and those are your right to have. But you have oversimplified weight maintenance. If maintenance was as simple as having a good plan, neither you nor I (nor our mothers or siblings) would be working to lose the weight YET AGAIN. It is easy to say things like that when you are in a personal groove, but having a plan and choosing to follow it are two differnt things. I know that you know that, too. I knew what I was doing this summer but chose to do it anyway, despite having an excellent maintenance plan. And now I have to take those pounds back off again. That's my own fault.

And I think you are making some judgements without even knowing what I am doing. Comparing it to Optifast, an 800 calorie per day veritable fast with chemical-laden shakes is inaccurate. I am eating no processed foods, and am actually tracking my calories on Sparkpeople to make sure that I do not dip under 1200 per day, which is the lowest recommended for a woman. I have had too many health issues to play games with it.

And you cannot compare my constipations with anyone else. I do not have a colon. My j-pouch is made out of my small intestine, and the entire large intestine is gone. The tissue does not work the same way. I empty my pouch with the help of built-up gas at the top of my pouch, which is what is lacking now. I have so little gas that it is constipating me. That is why everyone else on the plan is not having this issue, and I personally know someone who has been following it for 17 weeks.

Also, dairy is not required for anything but baby cows. I do agree that it is one of the EASIEST (and tastiest) ways to ensure adequate calcium intake, but it is not required for health. It is made to nourish baby cows. I eat it because I like it, but avoiding it for 6 weeks certainly is not dangerous. That is one of the metrics (along with Iron and protein and healthy fates) that I track every day on Sparkpeople.

We disagree on these things, but then again diet and lifestyle issues are a matter of personal choice and what works best for an individual. I agree that eatig healthy and exercise is the way to go, and I am not forsakig that. What I am doing is dramatically (for me) reducing my calories while maximizing their nutritional value for 6 weeks. Although I have gone back up to 1400 per day 9which is i my regular Sparkpeople range with my age and height and weight) because it gives me more energy.

jayme said...

I just made the connection (duh!) that you're mommie2lea! I've been grateful for your input - you've been really helpful - but didn't know from where you had come! Now I know! :o) Thanks again!