Saturday, December 11, 2010

And I'm Back

Back to reality after an amazing vacation with my daughter. I also got to spend some quality time with my mom, but she came down with such a nasty cold that it was a miserable trip for her.

In terms of enjoyment and those goals, it was a win! I cannot say that I didn't think about the situation (especially since he texted me while I was there), but I refocused as quickly as possible on enjoying my time away. I'll deal with it now that I am back.

As for my food-related goals, yeah, not so much. I ate like a monster. Luckily I also walked around like a crazy woman, and actually spent a great deal of time racing short distances with my 8 year old to burn off extra energy.

Intentional exercise? Nope. After being in a park from 8:45 am until 7:30 pm and navigating Disney transportation for another hour, it just didn't happen. But I walked my little heart out each and every day!

Now that we are home, I am heading to the gym for a run now and am back on WW Points Plus hard core. I have a sexy new dress to wear at my company holiday party this Friday, and I plan on feeling pretty in it!

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Melissa said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you had a great vacation and hope you had an awesome birthday. :)