Friday, December 3, 2010

First Points Plus Weekly Weigh In

Okay, I have only been on it since Monday, but I am LOVING the new Points Plus Plan. Bravo, WW!!!!

And this week's weigh in had me down 4.8 pounds! So even though I was up 1.2 last week, I am still down 3.6 in general and in VFT (virgin fat territory). I have not seen this weight for 12 years!

I am now 0.4 BMI points from being "NORMAL". So I am going to focus on eating well during my vacation next week to the happiest place on earth. And, let me tell you, I could USE some happiness after the horrible emotional week that I have had. You know it is bad when you actually ask yourself if some of the weight loss this week could honestly be due to dehydration from crying so much.

Either way, I am inspired to continue losing and get as close to goal as possible by my surgery date, so I am going to run tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday because it is unlikely that I will run until I get home next weekend.

And on that note, I am off to change for the gym!


Melissa said...

WTG on the loss!! {{{hugs}}} on the crying part. I understand completely.

Al's CL Reviews said...