Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

I am now just over a week away from surgery, and I am getting very stressed about it. The big concerns that are running through my mind are:

1) How I will care for my child, my animals, and myself during recovery
2) Missing work for three weeks (Will they still need me?)
3) Being totally out of commission with working out for at least 8 weeks

It is amazing that the exercise thing made the top three, but it truly is higher than things like my concerns about physical pain, hospitalization, and huge new scars. Exercise has been a big piece of my puzzle in losing all of this weight, and it scares me to be away from it and lose all of my gains.

I have been working with my new trainer for two weeks now, and I have actually seen changes in some of my muscles. I will be going back after I am able to work out again. I really think that strength training is what I need to help me achieve the rest of my body reshaping goals (short of plastic surgery, which will follow at some point). I love the cardio and will keep it up, but the strength addition twice a week will stay.

Now, onto my weigh in. I am happy to say that I was 165.8 yesterday morning, just 10.8 pounds away from my current personal goal. At almost 5' 11", my BMI is now 23.8.

All in all, a good few weeks!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Countdown is On

My looming surgery is starting to get the best of me in terms of nerves. I have a list a mile long of things that need to be in place to take care of my 9 year old child, 5 animals, and home while I am in the hospital for 7 days and then out of commission for another 14 days. It is a daunting list, and I start tackling it today.

Add to that the fact that I know how much surgery takes out of me and how long the road to recovery is, and I am flipping out a bit. The good news about that is that I am really focused on being as healthy as possible going into the surgery, so I have not been having any problems sticking to healthy foods and keeping all of the partying that I was doing at bay. I weighed in at 168 yesterday, so the slow and steady downward trend continues.

I am mixing up my exercise routine again, though, starting today. I started working with a new trainer. His philosophy is 20 minutes twice a week, strength work with very very very slow movements until muscle exhaustion. My biggest goal now is to lose body fat and replace it with lean muscle, so he is perfectly in line with that. He told me that, in addition to helping me lose the excess fat, he would like to add about 5 pounds of muscle to my frame.

Our first session today took me to a place with leg presses that I have never been. He had me pressing 100 pounds, which is not unusual for me as I usually set the machine for 100 to 120 pounds when I do it at the gym, but the slow reps and movement techniques that he had me focus on brought me to a crazy level of burning in my quads. And then he worked with me to continue through the burning and override the psychological urge to quit when my muscles were still actually strong and able to work. It was hard!!! But it was satisfying. I go back again on Wednesday, and I am really looking forward to it.

This weekend I am locking myself in to tackle the house. Deep cleaning and decluttering, and even getting rid of my main TV and gorgeous wood and beveled glass cabinet for it because it is just too big for my area. Not the TV per se, but the cabinet. And the cabinet limits me from getting a nicer TV because nothing bigger will really fit in it other than the 32" huge TV from 1998. But that means that I need a new TV, so I am trying to figure out how much I want to spend on that.

Decisions, decisions.

Friday, January 7, 2011


My weigh in this morning put me in the 160s (169.6, to be exact), so I have passed through the "dreaded" 170s where I have been stuck for most of the last year. It also put me at a BMI of 24.3.


I am no longer classified as Overweight on the BMI scale, and could claim GOAL at WW if I chose to do so because the high end of my weight range is 174. But I know that I am not there yet. I "officially" want to lose 14.4 more pounds, but it will really depend on what my body looks like when I get there. What I specifically want to do is lower my body fat percentage and increase my muscle mass, so once I get the all clear after surgery to start working out again I am going to make that my formal goal.

My main focus for losing the weight was to get healthier. I feel that I have achieved that now, and need to focus on maintaining it. For the past two years, my blood work has been spot on in all areas (although I was told that my total cholesterol was a little low at 124 last year by some crazy nurse). And my surgeon scheduled a pre-op appointment for me that excluded both an assessment with the anesthesiologist and a full blood panel because he feels that I am healthy enough for surgery without having to check those. So that makes me happy.

After losing so much weight I am certainly not normal. My body looks NOTHING like it did when I last weighed this 13 years ago. My fat percentage is way too high because, even with a healthy plan, some of the weight loss was lean muscle tissue. But there is only so much that I can change, so I am going to focus on the things under my control and start saving my pennies for the multiple visits to the plastic surgeon that I see in my future!

Because now comes the vain part, the part that so many people are not comfortable discussing... the "look good naked" part. I may never look good naked again in full light (hello crazy-bad stretchmarks, I am talking about YOU), but I can look better than I do now with a combination of further weight loss, cardio, weights, and some nips and tucks. And I am not ashamed to admit that I will be pursuing all of those options.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!

I rang in the new year quietly last night, with my mom and the cats and some champagne. Slept in this morning, and then spent a leisurely morning reading on the couch.

Then I went to the gym an ran 3.1 miles to start the new year off right. After lunch, I did a 45 minute kettlebell workout (with 15 and 20 pound kettlebells) and then took a long bubble bath.

After dinner I tackled the dismantling of the Christmas tree, and now I plan to spend some time with the new issue of Cooking Light. All in all, a quiet, productive, and *simple* New Year's Day.

Tomorrow is my daughter's 9th birthday. As she is with her father this weekend, I will be meeting them out for breakfast to celebrate the big day. Then it is running and kettlebells, laundry and cleaning, grocery shopping and weekly prep for back to school and full week of work.

It may not be exciting, but this first weekend of the year is just my speed. With no drama to boot. Welcome 2011!