Friday, January 7, 2011


My weigh in this morning put me in the 160s (169.6, to be exact), so I have passed through the "dreaded" 170s where I have been stuck for most of the last year. It also put me at a BMI of 24.3.


I am no longer classified as Overweight on the BMI scale, and could claim GOAL at WW if I chose to do so because the high end of my weight range is 174. But I know that I am not there yet. I "officially" want to lose 14.4 more pounds, but it will really depend on what my body looks like when I get there. What I specifically want to do is lower my body fat percentage and increase my muscle mass, so once I get the all clear after surgery to start working out again I am going to make that my formal goal.

My main focus for losing the weight was to get healthier. I feel that I have achieved that now, and need to focus on maintaining it. For the past two years, my blood work has been spot on in all areas (although I was told that my total cholesterol was a little low at 124 last year by some crazy nurse). And my surgeon scheduled a pre-op appointment for me that excluded both an assessment with the anesthesiologist and a full blood panel because he feels that I am healthy enough for surgery without having to check those. So that makes me happy.

After losing so much weight I am certainly not normal. My body looks NOTHING like it did when I last weighed this 13 years ago. My fat percentage is way too high because, even with a healthy plan, some of the weight loss was lean muscle tissue. But there is only so much that I can change, so I am going to focus on the things under my control and start saving my pennies for the multiple visits to the plastic surgeon that I see in my future!

Because now comes the vain part, the part that so many people are not comfortable discussing... the "look good naked" part. I may never look good naked again in full light (hello crazy-bad stretchmarks, I am talking about YOU), but I can look better than I do now with a combination of further weight loss, cardio, weights, and some nips and tucks. And I am not ashamed to admit that I will be pursuing all of those options.


Carly said...

I hear ya on the vanity part....I am all about a tummy tuck and boob job when I get and stay at goal.

Great job on being normal. : )

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