Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Since I last posted, I have been admitted to the hospital again... twice. I have spent most of the last week in a hospital bed, and I am DONE. I ran into a complication from surgery, a horrible infection almost 6 weeks after the fact. They had to open me back up a bunch and now it has to heal from the inside out. So gross.

That being said, I had a fun weekend planned and had to miss it. I was going to go out with a girlfriend for a quick after-work drink last Thursday (canceled), out in downtown Chicago with another girlfriend on Friday night (no go... readmitted to the hospital at noon), first date on Saturday night (nope, but rescheduled for this Thursday night so YEA), fourth date on Sunday afternoon (and I was excited to try that sushi place, but had to skip it)... yeah, you get the picture. That hospital bed seemed even bleaker.

I came home last night and hope to stay out for good. Grrr. The only good thing was that a package with a bunch of new clothes that I ordered was waiting for me, and I loved them for the most part. Bought some Perfect Bootcut dark wash jeans (8 Long) from The Gap and they look awesome! Also got a faux wrap dress on closeout from Banana Republic for $27.00 (8 Tall), and it rocks. But my favorite may be the zip-side pencil skirt from The Gap (8 Tall). Awesome!

I have not even weighed myself for a week and a half because I am bloated from being on IVs, being on a clear liquid diet, then eating crappy hospital food while sitting on my butt in the bed all day, not to mention the swelling from the infection and incision itself. Yuck. I do not need to further depress myself. But I know that it is temporary, and I am back on track now that I am out and able to eat what I want.

Well, hopefully the hospitalizations are in the past and the healing will be speedy. Unfortunately the surgeon has banned me from exercise except for walking until my follow-up in April. Boo. That really upsets me, but I have to focus on first things first and the healing is first.

Wish me luck with the two first dates that I have this weekend. I figure that, since this whole online dating thing is an adventure for me, I am going to go for it and have some fun. :-)


Mel said...

Wow, between your hospital stays and my pneumonia, we make quite the pair don't we? LOL Glad to hear your back home. Sending good thoughts your way that this was the LAST stay for a while!

Carly said...

Oh my God, you have been to hell and back. I am sending wishes for a speedy recovery. I am glad your packages brought a smile to your face.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I hope you get well soon!