Saturday, April 2, 2011

15 Years Later... Dating Still Sucks

Well, I went on two online dating "dates" this week. I had a nice time on both, good conversation with nice guys, but no connection on a romantic level for me. Both have asked me out again and I figure that I will give each a second "date", but if it in not there then I will be honest so we can all move on.

Disappointing. And I seriously forgot just how much I hate dating.

And both led me to wildly over-indulge in Easter candy afterward. Stress and disappointment eating. Add a horrible week at work with my co-worker to the dating stuff and it was binge-o-rama.

On other (more positive and productive) fronts, I took a Knife Skills class this morning and LOVED it! I really improved my technique (if I even had one before the class, which certainly is debatable), and I have a new Shun santoku knife in my possession. After trying almost all of the knives available for us to try, I liked that one the best. And I plan to put it to good use in my kitchen. I also plan to take more cooking lessons at this place because it was really fun!

And now I can dice an onion like a pro. :-)


Mel said...

I've always wanted to take a knife skills class! My favorite knife in my kitchen is also a santoku, but mine is from Chicago Cutlery. One day I hope to have some "real" knives. LOL

Delane said...

Knife skills really helped my cooking. Roasting, broasting and braising is a really good class. So is the grilling class. Sauces was another favorite.