Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Heart Full of Hope

I did well this week. I followed my food plan every day (except for a planned night out last night, and the eating was moderate). I worked out at least a little every day, even if it was just a quick up and down the 12 floors of stairs at lunch at work. I had my first therapy appointment. And I went on a first date.

The benefits:

1) My clothes fit me better after a good week back on plan.
2) I feel in control of my eating right now.
3) I got some "homework" from the therapist and am actively working on creating some emotional distance between me and my ex (yet still current coworker).
4) I had a great time on my date and have found that spark of hope that lives in my heart.

All of these things have made me a happier mother, daughter, friend, and coworker than I have been in recent weeks. Feeling in control of my eating really does set the stage for other things running more smoothly in my life.

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