Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I went to the gym and did my first post-surgery workout. Since I lost so much endurance and still have to be gentle with the muscles that were cut in half just 6 weeks ago, I decided that I would redo the Couch to 5K program.

It was a lesson in putting my ego in check for the sake of my health.

Cardio-wise, it was not much of a challenge for me. But boy were my abdomen and back screaming about halfway into it. Early on, I was tempted to just keep running instead of stopping after the first cue, but I am glad that I let common sense rule because in the grand scheme of things it was a challenge for this poor old healing body.

On another note, my boyfriend and I booked an all-inclusive vacation in Playa del Carmen for May, so I have some GREAT incentive to try and firm up these jiggly legs!

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Delane said...

sometimes it is just easier to start over. I think running is one of those things. I start over just about every spring :-/