Sunday, March 4, 2012


I feel like I am getting back to normal again after the surgery, and it feels great. I am praying that I have no additional complications because I need my few vacation days for something else... a trip to Playa del Carmen in May!

My boyfriend and I have booked a 4 night stay at an all inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen in May, shortly after we celebrate our one year anniversary. I am soooooo excited! Althought I fear all things sun and bathing suit related, I am tacking this differently. I have ordered a new swimsuit (I need Tall/Long swimsuits for this almost 6 foot frame), and have also ordered board shorts as I am not comfortable exposing my legs at the pool or on the beach. They are meant to go in the water as they are made for surfers, and I frankly do not car what anyone thinks about me wearing them while I swim. I also bought a shorty wet suit for snorkeling and windsurfing as I am not going to get all burned and ruin the trip by staying in my room with aloe vera. Hurry May!

I am also excited to have finished C25K Week 1. It was not a challenge for me on a cardio level, but my muscles are still healing and I am still pretty sore by the end of my 30 minute workout. It is going to be a bit challenging for me to fit in my runs this week as DD has vocal lessons on Monday night and we have a Parent/Teacher conference on Tuesday night, but the other two runs will be on Thursday and Saturday or Sunday with no conflicts other than sloth.

I may have to change my WW weigh-in day as I am never able to get on the scale on Friday morning since I spend the night at my boyfriend's s house on Thursdays because DD stays with her father that night every week. I might move it to Thursday morning because I do not like to weigh in on Mondays. Friday really is my best weigh in date, so Maybe I have to move the scale to my boyfriend's house!!!

I am considering a consult with a trainer that can help me learn which strength training exercises are safe for me to do with my repeated hernia issues. I'll probably look into that starting in April, for just a few sessions. I want to include strength training, but my surgeon said that I have to change my lifestyle because I am so prone to incisional hernias and have had so many abdominal surgeries. I just don't want to risk this happening again.

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