Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Big C

It's amazing how quickly life can change.  Especially when the diagnosis is cancer.

My boyfriend has not been well for a few months.  It has been a source of great tension because I felt that he was not taking it seriously enough despite losing 50 pounds in a very short period of time without any intention of doing so (or any need).  Despite the fact that he was sleeping 10 to 14 hours a day, was unable to complete a full day at work, and lost interest in everything in his life (including beer, which was shocking because he enjoyed it with wild abandon).

His doctor was doing the typical routine... let's run this test and we'll call you in a week when the results are back... hmm, everything is normal so let's run this test and we'll call you in another week... huh, it's all normal so let's have you do these blood tests that are in no way related to your symptoms (insert sarcasm here) and then wait another week for results.  Wow, we think it might just be a virus that has to run its course but don't know what it is (can you say "lazy medicine").  I was freaking out and telling him to go to the hospital and get some focused attention, and he was telling me that I was overreacting and that he was not going to listen to me because I am not a doctor, blah blah blah.

I almost left several times, but in the end did not.  Finally, two weeks ago I did an intervention with him after ANOTHER day off of work with no improvement in sight, and I told him that he could go to the ER himself the next day or else I would get his parents from their retirement community and the three of us would take him like a child.  Luckily he decided not to see if I was bluffing (which I was not) and he went on his own.  He was admitted to the hospital after an exam in the ER, and less than two days later was given a preliminary diagnosis of lymphoma after his abdominal CT scan showed grossly inflamed internal lymph nodes.  A biopsy was performed, and three days later he was told that it is Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

We await the exact stage based on the results of his PET scan and bone marrow biopsy late last week, and he starts chemotherapy next Monday.  He is moving into my house tomorrow so that I can care for him as he undergoes treatment over the next four to six months.

We will be celebrating our one year anniversary on the 13th, and had scheduled an all inclusive vacation in Playa del Carmen starting on the 17th.  Needless to say, everything has been postponed so that we can focus on fighting the cancer instead.

Yes, things really can change in an instant.  And they sure did.


Kris said...

oh wow. (((((((biggest hugs I can give)))))) Praying that his treatment goes well, and for you as well. Take care of yourself along the way.

TheDailyMel said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry to read this. :( My dad is an almost 25 year NHL survivor. I'll be sending lots of good thoughts his way and yours, too! {{{{{hugs}}}}

Delane said...

wow. so sorry to hear this.