Wednesday, March 20, 2013


W3D1 of C25K is in the books. Go me! :)

Meditation done and food within my calorie target for the day. I am now relaxing with a big glass of wine.

And a box of Kleenex.

A friend from work just left my house with a truck full of ex-BF's things and is delivering them to his house for me so that I can close the books on that relationship. That was my last remaining tie to him.

It's hard to go through a breakup. There have been several times over that last (almost) month that I have wanted to contact him to stop the pain of it all. But that would not have fixed anything but the short term difficulty of grieving the loss.

Friday will mark one month since I left. I feel like I should be over this, like I should stop sounding like a broken record about grief and loss. I hope that the delivery of his items will symbolically allow me to remove him from my house and my life. I am ready to be happy again. I still have a great life, relationship or no relationship.

Time to smudge this place this weekend and exorcize the ghosts of the past. I want to move on.

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