Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Scale is Not Enough

I am wrapping up my second week of lifestyle transition. People are commenting on the changes in my body, and I am noticing them by the fit of my clothes, but the scale has barely budged in the last week. The first week my weight dropped by over four pounds, but this week less than a pound. This week, however, my body looks smaller and my clothes are getting loose. The scale is not enough to measure the true changes.

My focus is on losing enough to win the Dietbet that I am in, which means that I have 16 days left to lose 2.6 pounds and that is achievable. But above that, I am focusing on losing body fat and building muscle. I am still trying to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in per day, mostly via walking, but have put the emphasis in my spare time on resistance training. And I can see results from this already.

The scale cannot measure everything that is changing for the positive with my body. I have been far too focused on the scale throughout my life. After the Dietbet, I am going to use it less often because I can now see that it does not tell the whole story.

I feel good, my clothes fit better, and I look slimmer. Those are better measures for me for now.

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