Monday, June 24, 2013

Summertime Fun

I must say that this summer has been a great one so far, filled with family and friends and food and laughter! This month has brought a festival in the city, an outdoor concert at Ravinia, a Flag Day party (any reason, right?!?), a family cookout, dinner at avec (which had been on my to do list for years), Wine Club gatherings at fantastic new places, a party at the Country Club, and a pool party for some great girlfriends and their kids at my house yesterday.  And the rest of the summer is already exploding with plans that have me so very excited... a wedding for a wonderful friend, a huge BBQ complete with outdoor movies, a picnic and fireworks on the 4th in the neighboring town, a luau with friends one state over, a hula hooping class, a rooftop party at a friend's house, more festivals in the city, and more outdoor music... the list goes on and on. Such a juxtaposition to last summer which was spent indoors due to ex-BF's chemo. I am enjoying old and new friends, and feel like the heaviness of last year has finally lifted. I have let it go, and I feel so happy to be in the light again.

All of these gatherings and outings are taking their toll on my body, though, and I need to balance that in a healthier way. I have been indulging more and exercising less, and I feel uncomfortable. I also need more sleep, so that needs to be another priority. Sons of Anarchy on Netflix will have to be retired for the summer so that I can retire earlier and get up earlier to get some exercise in each day.

Fun is fun and it is nourishing part of my soul, but I need to establish some healthier routines during the week to keep me grounded so that I can enjoy these events without feeling like they wear me out.

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