Wednesday, September 4, 2013


What a time of change in my life!  I need to take a step back and process it all.

WW: I attended my first meeting on Sunday in well over a year. The scale was a little lower than where I had thought, but still not in comfortable territory. But I know that the weight will come off if I follow the plan I have for myself. This week I am focusing on good food and drink habits, and then the more focused exercise will become a goal. Bit by bit.

Dating: I am taking a break for awhile. Met some nice (and some creepy) people, but none are the person for me. I even had some fun with an old colleague from a previous company, but it will not blossom into a relationship, and that is as it should be. It was good for me to dip my foot in the water again, but I want to pull back and focus on myself and my family and friends for awhile. The holidays are coming quickly!

Child: She started Middle School last week. So many changes for her, and for me. For the first time EVER, I have to leave her alone in the morning to catch my train, and she has to walk to the school bus alone in the morning. I know that this change had been far more stressful for me than for her because she is starting to spread her wings (which is good and normal), but we are rushing out to get her a mobile phone tonight so that she can send me a sanity check text every morning once she gets on the bus.

Which leaves work. I am conflicted. I am now leaving the house 45 minutes earlier, and both my commute and working day have grown. I think it is time for me to look for something closer to home because this leave at 6:10am and get home at 5:45pm thing is not going to work for us long term.

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