Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So Many Things

Life has been moving so quickly, and I am exhausted. I am leaving the house at 6:10am to catch an earlier train, and arriving home just about 12 hours later to get dinner ready and do homework with my daughter and try to keep on top of the housework for us and the five kitties living under our roof. I feel tapped out.

My daughter started Middle School last month and now takes the bus on her own in the morning. It had been a big transition for the both of us. I am gone before she gets up each morning, and she is spreading her wings and getting herself together for school. Have I mentioned the two alarms that I obsessively set, both to wake her up and to let her know when to leave for the bus? Yep, I am still nervous!

Work has been crazy, and I feel behind all the time. I am showing the stress in my face.

I am following Weight Watchers to the letter, and getting more exercise in my life, and that feels very good and grounding. I even ran last weekend, and am tossing around the idea of joining a Wednesday evening running group.

I am also exploring some emotional interactions with someone from my past, which is fun but also a bit overwhelming with all of this other stuff going on.

Something has to give. I am trying to figure out how to balance everything, but that is not working well yet. I am going to give it more time but just need some help on making all of these changes feel good and positive right now instead of overwhelming.

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